Frequently Asked Questions

GoToMyQB™ installs on a machine that is running QuickBooks desktop - the host machine. Once installed, it will index the customer and transaction data (sensitive information such as bank accounts is not indexed) and will deploy a self-contained website with a built-in search engine. The website can then be accessed by any device that can connect to the host machine.

Does GoToMyQB need to be installed on everybody's machine?

No. GoToMyQB installs on host machine that runs QuickBooks Desktop. People who want to access that specific instance of Quickbooks will connect to a web page that runs on the host machine which will serve up QuickBooks data from any browser.

How do I open my search page?

  • If you are on the host machine where GoToMyQB is installed, try http://localhost:8576/ or http://[COMPUTERNAME]:8576/
  • If you or others wish to access GoToMyQB from a remote computer or mobile device, it is recommended to use the IP address to your machine like this: http://[YOUR_IP_ADDRESS]. If you are unsure what your IP address is, contact your network administrator.

What is my username and password?

GoToMyQB installs with a default administrator username admin and password admin. You can add more users via GoToMyQB Control Panel that installs in your System Tray. Open it by right-clicking the  GoToMyQB icon in the System Tray and selecting Manage Users. PLEASE change the default password to your GoToMyQB as soon as possible.

Opening the Control Panel

I am having difficulty connecting to QuickBooks or there is a database error at the top of my search screen.

If you are experiencing problems connecting to Quickbooks, try these steps:

  • Ensure that GoToMyQB is installed on the same machine as QuickBooks.
  • When GoToMyQB installs, it will automatically attempt to connect to QuickBooks and ask you to grant permissions (you need to be using QuickBooks as an administrator). Sometimes problems can occur during this step in the process. You can check the status in the GoToMyQB Control Panel. Open it by right-clicking the  GoToMyQB icon in the Sytem Tray and selecting the Data Status... item.

    Connect Tray

    If you see an error message, click the Grant GoToMyQB permissions to read QuickBooks data link and follow the instructions.

If the above doesn’t help and you don’t see the problem/resolution in this FAQ, please contact support using the form at the top of the page.

How does GoToMyQB keep my data secure?

  • No personal or business banking information is exposed. Only information such as customer records, receipts, and other transactional information will be searchable.
  • The data indexed by GoToMyQB is encrypted at rest and can only be decrypted by the machine that has GoToMyQB installed.
  • Only users with usernames and passwords can access the GoToMyQB search page.
  • The GoToMyQB search page is only accessible from inside your network unless you or your IT staff configure it for access from the Internet.

A user is trying to connect to my GoToMyQB search page from the Internet and can't find it.

In order to make GoToMyQB accessible from outside your private network, one of two things needs to happen:

  • The user needs to connect to your private newtwork via VPN or
  • Your network administrator needs to help you make your private network accessible to the outside world.

Can I use GoToMyQB to enter data in QuickBooks from a different machine?

Not at this time. GoToMyQB is designed specifically to access and search QuickBooks remotely.