QuickBooks Desktop Remote Access

  • Enables salespeople, managers and others to access information stored in your QuickBooks from any device without having to log into QuickBooks
  • Installs on your QuickBooks Desktop machine and provides a search page accessible via any browser
  • Keeps your QuickBooks Desktop data locally on the QuickBooks Desktop machine and provides read-only access
Download the FREE Single User Edition

Easy Install and Setup

Install and configure GoToMyQB by running the installation wizard and following instructions. GoToMyQB will install the search page and synchronize with your company's QuickBooks file.

Search Everything from One Screen

Search QuickBooks Customers, Invoices, Sales Receipts and Vendors from one easy-to-use search page. There is no need to open different screens to access different QuickBooks areas.

Access Data from Any Device

GoToMyQB can be accessed via browser from any device. Valuable information is available on-demand whether you are at your desk, in a meeting, or at a customer site.

Keeps Sensitive Data Secure

No bank account, financial data, human resource, or other sensitive data is exposed in the search page. The QuickBooks search data and QuickBooks database remain on the QuickBooks machine.

Share With Your Colleagues

Once GoToMyQB is installed, anyone you invite can search for information in QuickBooks by accessing a Web page. No more wading through QuickBooks screens to find information.

FREE Single User Edition

Download and install GoToMyQB free for a single user. The Single User Edition can be used by a single user for an unlimited time. Perfect to see how it works in your environment.

Product Tour

Ease of Use

GoToMyQB uses a simple search page to access your QuickBooks information. Enter your search term and GoToMyQB will do the rest.

Efficient Search

Search for words or phrases and browse results. GoToMyQB will automatically suggest results as you type.

Summarized Results

GoToMyQB searches QuickBooks Customers, Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Vendors and displays categorized results. Each category’s results are formatted to show the best possible preview.

Drill-Down Detail

Search results give you a summary, but full details are one click away.