Frequently Asked Questions

GoToMyQB installs on a machine that is running QuickBooks Desktop - the host machine. Once installed, it will index the customer and transaction data (sensitive information such as bank accounts are not indexed) and will deploy a self-contained website with a built-in search engine. The website can then be accessed by any device using any browser.

Does GoToMyQB need to be installed on everybody's machine?

No. To access QuickBooks data, users only need a browser. GoToMyQB installs on host machine that runs QuickBooks Desktop. People who want to access information in the connected Company File will log into a search page that is connected to GoToMyQB.

How does GoToMyQB keep my data secure?

  • No personal or business banking information is exposed. Only information such as customer records, receipts, and other transactional information will be searchable.
  • The data indexed by GoToMyQB is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the machine that has GoToMyQB installed.
  • Only users with usernames and passwords can access the GoToMyQB search page.
  • If you choose to use the Remote Access Service, your data is encrypted end-to-end and can only be seen by you. Data is stored ONLY on the QuickBooks machine and not in the cloud or anywhere else.

How does GoToMyQB provide remote access to QuickBooks from outside my network?

Once GoToMyQB is installed, authorized users can access QuickBooks data with GoToMyQB from anywhere without needing to configure access to your local area network through one of the standard options discussed in our case study. If you choose to use our Remote Access Service, we relay all authorized connections and requests through our Remote Access Service securely from outside your network to your QuickBooks machine. The process is completely transparent to the user but is protected with industrial-grade encryption. This service is hosted by us and is included with your GoToMyQB paid subscription. Please note that even though this relay is hosted by us as a convenience for you, ONLY you and your users can see and access the data. We can never decrypt your information.

If you prefer not to use our Remote Access Service, you will need to configure your own method via one of the methods (or your own) discussed in our case study.

What are the limitations of the Free Single User Edition?

The Single User Edition is designed for you to experience our application and to use GoToMyQB as an individual. The following limitations are part of the Single User Edition:

  • It enables only one user, the Administrator, and no other users can be created.
  • Can only be accessed by the machine on which it is installed.
  • You will not be able to use the Remote Access Service, but will be able to experience that access method by trying our Live Demo.

Can I use GoToMyQB to insert data in QuickBooks from a different machine?

Not at this time. GoToMyQB is designed specifically to access read-only information and to search QuickBooks remotely even if QuickBooks is not running on the host machine.