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Single User

1 user

Local access only



Small Team

5 users

Access from anywhere

$ 299

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Medium Team

10 users

Access from anywhere

$ 499

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Large Team

25 users

Access from anywhere

$ 999

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If you have a team larger than 25 users or are interested in custom solutions, please email sales@gotomyqb.com.


  • GoToMyQB can be purchased for up to 5, 10 or 25 users. Each user has a unique account username and password to access GoToMyQB. Users can access GoToMyQB from anywhere with an Internet connection or network access to the machine on which GoToMyQB is installed. Each user can only be logged into one session at a time.
  • GoToMyQB’s Single User Edition can only be accessed by one user (Admin) from the machine on which it is installed. If you need to enable others to search QuickBooks from their devices, a paid license will be required.

Licensing FAQ

I want more than ten users to have access to GoToMyQB. What should I purchase?

You would need a Large Team license. Please do not purchase multiple Small or Medium Team licenses in this situation.

Can I install the Single User Edition on multiple machines to avoid licensing fees?

Yes, but QuickBooks Desktop itself must also be installed on the same machine on which GoToMyQB is installed. Furthermore, the user on that machine must be an administrator. The purpose of GoToMyQB is to help non-QuickBooks users to search QuickBooks data, so this scenario would be impractical.